Hidden Level Audio is an independent audio design studio specializing in sound design for video games, managed by longtime friends and creative collaborators, Chad Tenwick and John Winters. Chad and John are passionate about sound, boasting over twenty years of experience in audio asset building and implementation, technical audio programming, voiceovers, and music composition. They believe that superior music and sound effects are key elements in taking the gaming consumer from a simple interaction into total immersion, and are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality on every project.

Hidden Level Audio Is Proud To Offer Services Using The Following Programs And Specialties:  


  • AVID Pro Tools

  • Game Engines: Unity and Unreal

  • Middleware: FMOD and Wwise

  •  Audio Engineering, Creative Mixing, Layering and Editing, Foley & Field Recording, Interactive Audio, Music Composition and Scoring, MIDI and Audio Based Integration, Sound Design and Effects, Character Voice Overs and Dialogue, Sound to Video Syncing.


More about John:

John Winters has been active in the audio industry for over seventeen years, most recently working on live gigs and orchestral recordings for video games and films including Destiny, Gears of War 3, Resident Evil: Final Chapter and The Revenant. John has also toured as a musician (guitarist) and sound tech for headlining and international bands and has worked with artists including Jerry Cantrell, Dave Matthews, Hatebreed, Machinehead, Nevermore, Within the Ruins and Wu-Tang Clan. John graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle.


More About Chad:

Chad Tenwick is a lifelong musician, having toured, produced and recorded albums in many PNW bands and served a variety of roles including songwriter, percussionist, lead and background vocalist. In 2016, he completed the Sound Design for Video Games immersive program at Seattle Recording Arts. Coupled with his previous production knowledge, audio design for video games sparked a new excitement for technical sound design. Chad has worked on indie video game projects with companies including Indie-Pixel, Ozone Interactive and Real Impact Games, as well as created all of the original music tracks on a children’s activity game found on Amazon’s Alexa Skills platform.

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